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Helping to bring sunshine into the lives of needy children.
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Current Appeals

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of donors we continue to make grants enabling us to help children and their families, whether it be for day trips, medical equipment, respite, hospital travel, or sadly making children's remaining time as comfortable as possible, to include where achievable, children's last wishes.

Funds raised from this appeal will help us to continue the work we have started. The following is just a sample of the requests we have received for which we need to raise funds for over the next few months. Should you wish your donation to go to a specific child or cause please advise us.


Ava DOB 20.07.10

Ava has a diagnosis of Ring chromosome 9, global developmental delay, profound hearing loss, visual impairment, ASD, Epilepsy and is a wheelchair user. Ava requires 24-hour care and attends a special school.

Recently she has become interested in television and due to her world being quite limited, being able to find something that Ava enjoys is such a positive boost to the family.

We have received a request from her family support officer for funding for an iPad and a desktop stand, the stand would allow her family to adjust the iPad based on the most comfortable viewing for Ava and they could tailor the colours/sound to which suits her best.


Ermir DOB 04.03.19

Ermir has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and also has a rare genetic condition called Weaver Syndrome, which causes bone overgrowth and learning difficulties.

His cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatment affect his mobility and because of his genetic condition he is much bigger for his age. He finds it difficult to walk and becomes tired easily.

We have received a request from Ermir’s social worker for a bigger specialised buggy as his current one is too small and this would ensure that he is more comfortable when attending his chemotherapy and hospital appointments.


Hospital Travel

We have in the recent months been inundated with requests particularly for funding for travel.

These requests are directly from hospital social workers to help and ensure families keep much needed hospital appointments.

We have been advised by these social workers that because of the cost-of-living crisis many children do not keep/attend their appointments as their parents cannot afford the travel to specialist hospitals that in some occasions can be up to 200 miles from their home.

We predict the cost of these grants to be in the region of £8000 over the next 6 months.


Holiday Homes

We have two Holiday Homes and both have proved to be very popular with our families and have been fully occupied through all the seasons we have owned them.

Each year we need to refurbish the homes and pay the site fees, utility bills and general rates. These are ongoing costs to enable us to provide much needed breaks for our families.